Supercar of the Seas, Watercraft X-01, Features Suspended Hull Design, Pools, and Garages
Every once in a while, a design that does things completely different from what we're used to seems to pop up. This is true for the Watercraft X-01, a superyacht concept that, sadly, may end up never being built.

Supercar of the Seas, Watercraft X-01, Features Suspended Hull Design, Pools, and Garages

Watercraft X-01Watercraft X-01Watercraft X-01Watercraft X-01Watercraft X-01Watercraft X-01Watercraft X-01 Observation DeckWatercraft X-01 Sun Deck
Folks, in the search for unique and cutting-edge designs, we run across concepts and ideas like the Watercraft X-01. What is the X-01? Well, as you can clearly see, it's a water-faring ship, but beyond that, a few other surprises are in store. Before talking about this ship, it should help to know a bit about its creator.

Judging by a Behance page, the mind behind X-01 is DRF Tools, a visual artist from Moscow, Russia, with a love of textures. Looking closely at the X-01, the ability to manipulate textures and surfaces seems to be this designer's forte.
As far as any information regarding the design, ideation, or process, nothing is revealed. But, the images in the gallery do help put things into somewhat of a perspective. For example, the presence of a helicopter pad at the craft's bow reveals that this ship is massive.

Overall the X-01 follows a sort of catamaran structure with two lateral hulls and a floating central platform. Yes, the central hull or main deck never touches water levels. To help understand the design better, I'll break it down into individual parts, starting with the lateral hulls.

These two structures not only help propel the ship forward, but each one also features large lateral hatches that reveal entry into the ship but also act as a garage for tenders and toys, maybe just set up a floating dinner table. At the tip of each hull also sit personal jacuzzies, large enough for quite the number of guests. Judging by the ship's proportions, up to ten people can have a soak and enjoy a glass of bubbly. A third pool is revealed from underneath the helipad and is used only when no chopper is grounded.

As for the central hull, the only way to suspend it was by creating that fin construction seen at the rear. With that massive arch, a central column is used to lift the hull in place. The front of the structure is suspended by two lateral arms that bridge with the lateral hulls. Hang on a minute. I seem to have seen this design before, albeit not so smooth. Where? Need I say the phrase "Le Mans?"

One neat feature that is showcased is the beach deck. Can you find it? Still searching? Well, since the main hull is suspended from underneath, a beach deck can be lowered from the hull down to water level and features an open space to really unleash some fun. Above the beach deck, a sundeck and equipped with yet another pool and several futuristic lounges.

At the rear of this hull, you can spot what looks like windows set up in a honeycomb pattern. Well, these are windows, and this space is a simple observation deck; it's also the only point of this floating hull that seems to touch sea level offering a peek at life below the surface as well. This honeycomb window work is extended towards the front of the ship allowing natural light to enter the interior from all around.

As for propulsion for X-01, nothing is mentioned, but the presence of large solar panels above the observation deck does tell us it's a vessel that aims to have as little of a carbon impact on the environment as possible.

One thing that I found odd at first, but then realized is pretty cool, is the way guests who arrive by helicopter are guided towards different areas of the ship via one of six tunnels that will most certainly lead to some unexpected journey.

As I mentioned earlier, we probably won't see this design on open seas, ever. At best, a reader will get a load of it and build some RC-powered model. If you do, send us a video of the result, and we'll write an article about you.

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