Got $7 Million? Spend It on a Majesty 100 Superyacht and Become the Talk of Ports
Let's face it, most of us are never going to land some billion-dollar contract that will make all our life dreams happen. But if you ever manage to get your hands on near 7 million USD, the Majesty 100 is a toy you'll be able to own.

Got $7 Million? Spend It on a Majesty 100 Superyacht and Become the Talk of Ports

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Folks, the vessel you see is the Majesty 100, a superyacht completed and designed by Majesty Yachts, a team that's part of the Gulf Craft family. Just knowing this crew is headquartered in the United Arab Emirates should help you begin to grasp just what sort of oil tycoon standards this crew meets. With over 35 years of experience on the market, they produce vessels ranging in size from small yachts all the way up to megayachts.

The 100, however, is part of the superyacht category, the mid-sized ships this crew can build. Furthermore, the 100 is also the smallest of their superyachts. This makes it a perfect example of the sort of lifestyle this team can put together for its customers, which will pay no less than 6.9 million USD (5.96 million EUR at current exchange rates) for a basic version of the 100. Any toys or wonders you want to add to make this ship your dream superyacht, you'll need to pay extra for.

The builder's website doesn't say much about the design and construction materials; after all, each ship is as unique as its future owner, so why bother when absolutely anything goes. However, the few details and images we do have should give you a decently clear idea of what to expect if you're ever in the market for a Majesty 100.

As it stands, each 100 comes in with a length of 104 feet (31.7 meters), a beam of 23.3 feet (7.11 meters), and a draft of just 5.41 feet (1.65 meters). This latter aspect is essential if you ever wish to explore coastlines or hit up that lagoon you spotted earlier. With two 50 kW, 50 Hz generators, and 925 gallons (4,205 liters) of freshwater, you and your guests should be fit to live out at sea for a few days easily, depending on how quickly resources are used. Top things off with two engines that generate an accumulated 3,800 horsepower, and you're set for one heck of a vacation.

Four decks will be your playground on the 100 and each one with a perfect balance of woods, fabrics, semiprecious metals, and fantastic use of both natural and LED lighting. Do check out that gallery if you haven't done so already. The first is a raised wheelhouse that offers the highest view possible on the ship. The upper deck is one of the areas where guests will be spending most of their available time and can relax on the forward-facing bow lounge and bed or in the interior lounge. An aft lounge can be set up on this deck as well.

The main deck will be housing an owner's suite at the bow, multiple bathrooms, and interior dining and lounging once again. Outside, owners will have quite the deck space to set up activities or use as the elevated platform beach deck. Small lateral segments also break apart from the hull to offer a floating platform for diving or a neat little private dinner. On the other hand, the lower deck features all guest and crew quarters, the engine room, and a toy and tender garage accessed via the beach deck.

Listen, I am aware that most of us will never get our hands on the sort of cash needed to buy something like this, let alone add any toys to one. The good news is that ships like these can be chartered, and the Majesty 100 is only going to cost you around 98,000 EUR (113,500 USD at current exchange rates) for a one-week taste of heaven. Something to add to your bucket list.

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